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Hebei ROOAOO New Material Technology Co., located in Hebei China, which has more than 17,300 m2 factory area. There are more than 50 employees in the factory workshop, 15 staff in sales team, 8 professional equipment lines with capacity of 120 containers per month. 

RooAoo's main products are akupanels, PET acoustic panel, which are new material with acoustic. It exports to Europe most, and with all the Certificates, such as CE, FSC, Fire rated and so on.

RooAoo always takes quality first and innovation is also important for RooAoo. Welcome to contact with us for more business´╝ü

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Factory Area


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Number of Employees


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Monthly Capacity





More details you may want to know for acoustics

Absorbing Sound
Blocking Sound
Diffusing Sound
Vibration Isolation

Absorbing Sound:

Spaces with hard reflective surfaces often produce reverberation and poor speech clarity. Absorbing sound usually requires soft, porous materials to capture sound energy. This reduces sound reflection from the surface and improves the soundscape of the space.

Blocking Sound:

Use dense, thick materials as part of a soundproof assembly to block the transmission of a sound from one space to another, which is what we called "soundproofing".

Diffusing Sound:

Diffusion occurs when sound energy is scattered in multiple directions by a complex surface. Diffusion is a great addition to sound absorption because it maintains the living energy of the room while reducing standing waves and flutter echoes.

Vibration Isolation:

When the sound energy is in direct contact with the structure or resonates, vibration noise will be produced. To prevent structural vibration, you need to use isolation products to break this connection to the material.

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